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2012 Treasure Island Music Festival - Saturday


Oct 13, 2012 – 11:59 AM

Avenue of the Palms
San Francisco, CA 94130 Map

  • The Presets
  • Public Enemy
  • Matthew Dear
  • Girl Talk
  • AraabMuzik
  • Toro Y Moi
  • Grimes
  • The Coup
  • k.flay
  • tycho

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The Presets: Kimberley Isaac Moyes was but a young man, small of stature but big of heart, down on his luck, doing the odd performance in a downtown gay bar and eating anchovies from tin cans discarded in the alley behind a local Italian restaurant, putting all his dollar bills in a pillow, with the dream to one day have enough money to buy a Moog synthesiser.

Julian Hamilton was the new bus boy in said food joint, robust and ambitious, taking out the trash and sweating like a malaria ravaged wrestler when he one day chanced upon poor Kim out the back, sucking on those oily little fish like hed never tasted such a delicacy.

These encounters out the back of Luigis Linguini And Pasta Allsorts became regular, and led to the occasional lunch date, when Julian would not only smuggle Kim a fresh can of anchovies, but would even share his own chef-cooked meal. The boys found friendship over faggotini, had leisurely lunches scheming up ways for Kim to stay one step ahead of the Child Protection Services who longed to send the delinquent off to an orphanage in Mongolia, they dreamed of the myriad ways Julian could swindle his evil boss Luigi, and held heated debates about their shared passion, music.

It was in these early days that Kim and Julian realized their meeting had been fateful, and that one day they would make good on their shared desire to make moody, crisp electronic future pop.

If youve ever wondered what they might play when youre standing there staring at the fork in the road between heaven and hell, this could be it.

"Beams" is available now in Australia on Modular/Universal, in the USA and Canada on Modular/Fontana and will be available in the UK on Modular/Island on June 12th. For regular updates and news please also check out the Presets very own website here.

Public Enemy: As pioneers of the hip hop genre in the early 80s, Public Enemy became the first rappers to focus their music on the political and social issues that surrounded them. The members of Public enemy made a name for themselves despite coming to power when hip hop was highly controversial and frequently violent, especially on tour dates. Still flanked by their private security group, S1W, Public Enemy continues to release celebrated albums, like the upcoming Most of Our Heroes Don't Appear on a Stamp. They also still put on killer shows, like they've been doing on international tour dates in 2011, dubbed the Tour 77, in celebration of "Bring the Noize"'s 20th Anniversary.

Group leader Chuck D got his start as a DJ at a New York radio station and soon began rapping with help from his longtime friend, Flavor Flav. The first song he ever released was "Public Enemy Number One" which was given to struggling music producer Rick Rubin by then-unknown DJ Andre "Dr. Dre" Brown. Rubin recruited Chuck D, Flavor Flav, Professor Griff (as the "Minister of Information"), and DJ Terminator X, to form a hip hop group that combined gritty rap with socially conscious lyrics. While Public Enemy's debut album, Yo! Bum Rush the Show launched the band into stardom, it was their next record, It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back that would achieve greater success. Both this album and Fear of a Black Planet went platinum, with the latter becoming so well known for its socially charged lyrics that it was admitted into the Library of Congress.

Public Enemy has continued to produce acclaimed albums, with fans looking forward to the release of Most of Our Heroes Don't Appear on a Stamp in 2012. In the meantime, audiences can catch Public Enemy's 2011 tour dates which, after visiting Europe and South America, will spend August in North America. Public Enemy's 2011 tour dates end on September 9, after performances in the UK, so buy your tickets today!

Girl Talk: Greg Gillis, better known professionally as Girl Talk, has become one of the premier mash-up artists in the US. He has played tour dates to capacity crowds around the world, and his albums have sold…well, nobody really knows. Due to Girl Talk's extensive use of sampling from other artists, Gillis sells all his albums digitally on the donation-based online record label, Illegal Art. That hasn't stopped Girl Talk from becoming more popular than many artists signed to major labels, or from playing 2011 tour dates at some of the summer's biggest music festivals.

Gillis began making music while in high school, eventually recording under the name Girl Talk in college while studying biomedical engineering. Early on, Gillis realized he could legally use samples from other artists by citing the fair use exception in copyright law that says he can use samples on albums and tour dates if they're short enough. While Girl Talk has been releasing albums since 2002, he broke onto the mainstream with his 2006 album, Night Ripper. The 2008 album, Feed the Animals, was nearly universally acclaimed and was prominently featured on many magazines' Best of lists for the year.

Girl Talk's 2010 album, All Day, has been the best received yet, even receiving an "A" from traditional critic Robert Christgau. Consequently, fans are showing up in droves for Girl Talk's tour dates in 2011, which began at the beginning of July. Highlights from the tour will include appearances at Wanderlust, Lollapalooza, Outside Lands, and the Blackwater Music Festival. Girl Talk's 2011 tour dates end on October 29 at the Voodoo Experience Music Festival, so buy your tickets soon!

AraabMuzik: Abraham Orellana – aka AraabMuzik – is better known for producing mind blowing beats for some of hip hop’s biggest artists than performing tour dates; but the same skill that has shown through in his work with Jadakiss, Cam’ron, and Busta Rhymes makes him an excellent performer. His instrument of choice? A MPC drum machine.

AraabMuzik started making music at a young age, using keyboards to construct elaborate beats before moving on to the MPC. A meeting with producer DukeDaGod got him work producing beats and constructing tracks for Diplomat Records, and in his spare time AraabMuzik began performing on his drum machine and posting videos on the internet. This led to concert dates at clubs and small shows, and helped AraabMuzik go from a behind the scenes producer to a main stage performer. He digitally released his debut album, Electronic Dream, in 2011 to praise from a number of critics and fans, despite it being an entirely instrumental record.

Fans also enjoyed his second album, Instrumental University, and are awaiting a release date for Electronic Reality. In the meantime, AraabMuzik can be found on a number of tour dates around the world, so check out his page on Eventful to see when he’s coming to a venue near you!

Toro Y Moi: While initially helmed a prominent chillwave artist, Toro y Moi is branching out from the generic label to play the music that speaks to him, regardless of classification. However, is talent in the medium of electronic music is glaringly apparent, as his tour dates and debut album brought in praise from electronic newcomers to veteran critics. Toro y Moi's latest album, Underneath the Pine, features a more instrumental sound that is set to take the burgeoning artist to the top on his own terms. This fresh, new sound and expanded setup can be heard on Toro y Moi's 2011 tour dates around North and South America.

While Chazwick Bundick is known best for his electronic music, he played in a couple of indie rock bands throughout high school. He became interested in electronic music during college after meeting Ernest Greene, better known by his stage name, Washed Out. Toro y Moi's debut album, Causers of This, featured a chillwave sound with a hip hop style that was heralded by critics. The albums' popularity brought Toro y Moi his first tour dates, but he soon found the songs hard to perform live. This is part of the reason for the change in sound on his latest album, Underneath the Pine, which features more of a progressive rock sound.

Fans can hear Toro y Moi's brand new sound on his many tour dates in 2011. After playing some of the summer's final music festival, the artist will head out on a US tour featuring support from Unknown Mortal Orchestra beginning on September 9. That tour ends on October 15, after which Toro y Moi will perform a brief tour of South America in the beginning of November. Toro y Moi's 2011 tour dates end on December 9, leaving fans plenty of time to buy tickets for this highly anticipated tour.

The Coup: Block-rocking, system-knocking, lyrical-gun-cocking funkateers THE COUP will be releasing their Epitaph debut album, Pick A Bigger Weapon, on April 22, 2006. Kicking off with a classic line by frontman Boots Riley—“I’m a walking contradiction/Like bullets and love mixin'…,“ Pick A Bigger Weapon captures the collisions between economics and everyday life, the political and the personal. After a 14-year career that has defined the word “uncompromising”, THE COUP return armed with bigger funk and taller tales.

Backed by a stellar band that includes Audioslave’s Tom Morello, Dwayne Wiggins, and veterans of Parliament-Funkadelic, the Gap Band, Toni! Tony! Toné!, Jesse Johnson, and Frankie Beverly and Maze, the sound is a little edgier on this record and the beats a little faster. THE COUP’s uniquely bent grooves point to “Dirty Mind”-era Prince, late-80s Too Short, and the trunk-rattling hyphy sonics of the New Bay movement. Featuring guest vocals by Talib Kweli, The Roots’ Black Thought, as well as a cameo by punk icon Jello Biafra, Pick A Bigger Weapon is the most ambitious album of THE COUP’s career.

Fans and followers of THE COUP have been anxiously awaiting a new record from the band. Their last album, the critically acclaimed Party Music, was scheduled for release shortly after 9/11, but became a cultural flashpoint amidst Cheney-Ashcroft hysteria. The album’s original cover (completed three months prior to 9/11) depicted the crew setting off an explosion in the World Trade Center using a guitar tuner and drumsticks. The band's label, 75 Ark, pulled the cover immediately after the attacks.

“As far as the record industry was concerned, it was the end of my career,” Boots says. Instead, Boots’ defiant refusal to “ride the fence” and the album’s undeniable funk made it an underdog favorite. The album hit #8 in the 2001 Pazz and Jop Poll, the most important year-end critic’s list.

In 2003, THE COUP joined with Billy Bragg, Steve Earle, Tom Morello, and Janeane Garofalo, on the barnstorming, Bush-slapping “Tell Us the Truth” tour. Working with those artists proved influential on Pick A Bigger Weapon. “This album took a bit longer, because all of these influences were getting a chance to settle,” says Boots.

“I always think my next album is gonna be my last,” Boots laughs, “like it may not sell and I’ll have to do something else. So it drives me to make an album that people might remember as the best one I did.”

k.flay: i grew up outside of chicago, starting writing songs in san francisco, and now live in brooklyn

my music is a version of indie hip hop mixed with electronics mixed with me headbanging

but i'm still figuring it out

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