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Green Day




Apr 16, 2013

Tue 6:30 PM

Gayley Road 94720
Berkeley, CA



  • Green Day

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Green Day: Punk music struggled at the onset of the 90s, with the youth of America crying out for a band that encapsulated their angst and rowdiness. The call was answered by a number of bands, but none more popular and successful than Green Day. Their simple yet wildly raucous sound on Dookie became a hit amongst both the youth and older punk fans. That same energy was displayed during various, infamous tour dates and Green Day continues to play to sold-out crowds after more than twenty years. Green Day currently has a recently released live album (Awesome as Fuck) out, a ninth album in the works, a hit musical on Broadway (American Idiot), and film version of the musical in the works. While Green Day doesn't currently have a concert schedule for 2011, there are tour dates for American Idiot as it makes its way across the country.

Green Day was formed in 1987 by Billie Joe Armstrong and Mike Dirnt, with Sean Hughes replacing Dirnt a year later. Tre Cool replaced Al Sobrante as the drummer shortly after the release of Green Day's debut album, 39/Smooth, in 1990. The success of the album, combined with exposure from numerous tour dates in '92 and '93 caught the attention of Reprise Records. While some of Green Day's fans considered them sellouts for signing to a major label, the move created one of the most influential punk albums of the past few decades: Dookie. Recorded in three weeks and released in 1994, the album won a Grammy for Best Alternative Album, its singles were heavily played on MTV, and it was eventually certified diamond. It also gained Green Day some of the most memorable tour dates of their career, including a mud-filled set at Woodstock 1994 and a hugely violent tour date in Boston.

When Green Day's next three albums, Insomniac, Nimrod, and Warning were released, audiences confused the band's changed style with a loss of edge. Despite a slight decline in popularity, Green Day performed hugely popular tour dates during those years, including performances on the Warped Tour. It wasn't until the release of American Idiot in 2004 that the aforementioned albums were part of a larger musical evolution. The record was written as a concept album that dealt with the rebellion and dissatisfaction of young people; released ten years after Dookie, Green Day appealed to a new generation of disenfranchised youth.

While the 2009 album, 21st Century Breakdown, was released to critical and commercial acclaim, Green Day spent most of their time focused on playing tour dates and adapting American Idiot for the stage. In 2011, Green Day currently has thirty songs recorded for an upcoming album and is also working on a film version of American Idiot. With so many projects underway, Green Day doesn't have any tour dates on their concert schedule for 2011, but fans can expect a tour once the album is finished. Check Eventful for updates on the new album and upcoming tour date tickets.